Christmas and Festive Feasting is less than a month away!

I am sure you have also starting scribbling down a few menu ideas.

Every year my menus are becoming lighter and less ‘traditional’ in the European sense.

My Mother always made a Traditional Christmas Pud that simmered for hours and was prepared months ahead so that it had time to mature and of course, receive its regular dose of brandy! But I have not prepared a traditional pud for years.

One of my Mom’s other Festive Treats was a Pavlova. We always had beautiful strawberries and cape gooseberries in the garden, that contributed to the topping. It was served at New Year rather than Christmas and can best be remembered as being a real show stopper.

My bit of nostalgia extends to that Pavlova! Mine has evolved to a meringue roulade. It is more marshmallow-like and I find it is easier to serve.

It is always a favourite and easy to prepare.

Berry fillings and toppings always look festive, but for a change I have made a salted caramelised pear filling as well. Here you need to maybe add a little edible gold dust to complete the festive vibe….. but frankly by the time dessert arrives most people don’t notice all the trimmings!


Here is my basic Meringue Roulade recipe and a few filling ideas.