An Easter treat that can go throughout the year!

Easter always brings out the urge to cook something with chocolate. These delicious biscuits are ideal for the winter cookie jar.


One of my favourite bakes is Snow Balls, a recipe similar to the Greek Easter Cookies, Koulourakia, so I used that recipe as a basis to create these chocolate pecan shortbread cookies. (Click here for the Snowball recipe)



They are perfect with a coffee or as a treat with tea, and chocolatey enough to satisfy any craving.

I love the crisp texture and the pecan flavour with chocolate.

You toss the hot biscuits, straight from the oven, in a mixture of icing sugar and cocoa. It can be a bit messy at this stage when the icing sugar melts to coat the biscuits, but it is worth the effort!

The biscuits keep well, stored in an airtight container and also make lovely packaged gifts.

Click here for the recipe!